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3 / Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band Smart Fitness Bracelet 2 and 3 Starting from 52

Specifications above: Measurement of heart rate, sleep management, pedometer,

Calories burned measurement, counting steps, remote recording, reminders.

Suitable for Android and Apple operating systems.

A smart exercise bracelet with OLED screen and heart rate for about NIS 76-90. A small screen will show you the time, battery status, amount of steps you have taken, and your pulse. The screen is scratch-resistant and, according to the company, will also properly filter fingerprints, along with high brightness that will allow viewing even under sunlight. The bracelet battery will provide approx.20 full days Before the need for recharging. Water resistant, dust and sweat. Attached is a video at the bottom of the page.

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Updated: January 13 2019 - 8: 01
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