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Soundbar 33 Intuitive of Xumi

Sound Bar 33 Intch of XumiX at only $ 59.9, the lowest price was. Under the customs threshold.

The Xiaomi rectangle Bluetooth speaker is a very high performance speaker. He can listen and talk like he is your real friend. This speaker is designed for TV and supports most TVs in the market. Passes the effects experience as in the cinema only at home. Supports wall or table mount.

main features:
● Eight internal speakers for real, pleasant sounds.
● Multiple device interfaces for easy connection.
● Stylish and impressive fabric design.
● Supports installation on a wall or desk
● Wireless playback support (Bluetooth).

guitar pick:
● Frequency response range: 50Hz - 25000Hz -10dB
● Ohm 6


Comes without a sign.


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