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Foaming Soap Dispenser of Xumi

Xiaomi Ecological Auto Induction Foaming Hand Washer for only NIS 80.

A foamy soap dispenser of diapers, you can put it in the kitchen, bath, balcony or anywhere else easily. With automatic foam sensor, convenient and easy.

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main features
● Design: Height to the natural state, ergonomic and comfortable.
● With an infrared sensor, foams while 0.25s, easy to use
● Fry a reasonable amount of chopped to ensure the best feeling for use.
● No installation required, including a toothbrush, suitable for bathroom, kitchen, balcony
● Extremely low noise, it will not disturb you even at night
● Powered by 3 AA batteries (included)

Updated: September 30 2018 - 12: 24
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