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Sony PlayStation 4 + FIFA18 Crazy pricePhipped by

PlayStation 4 - Konsole (500GB, schwarz, slim) inkl. 2. DualShock Controller

Sony PlayStation 4 + FIFA18 Crazy pricePhipped by

BlakeFriday ** Playstation 4 Slim 1TB Crazy PriceFloat **

At the following link:


The madness of the Sunni continues

The price includes customs duties, taxes and all the pain in the head with the courier until you have to give up

Sony 4 with 500GB plus 2 Sign In with 1200

Purchase Link:
Amazon click here

Add this to Pipa 18

Which is another 200 shekels (in Israel 350 shekels check me)

Purchase Link:
Amazon click here

In short, 1400 shekels.

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  1. Note that there is no shipment to Israel. Does he come to Israel?

    1. There is a shipment to the country even though there is no record

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